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We are L7 Productions, a filmmaking cooperative from the south of England, run by Mark Hammett. We have been making short films and music videos since 2001 and our work has been selected for screening in competition at a variety of international film festivals. Browse the site to find out more.

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Hard Copy

Coming soon, the story of a passport forger who struggles with the ethics of his work and finds an extreme answer to his problem.

April the 6th


A 12 minute short about a young girl who spends her time daydreaming away the hours, until one day she decides to sneak into the only room in the house she's never been allowed in.


This film just won the 'Best Short Horror' at the New York Sci-Fi Film Festival.

Click below for Mark's Twitter or IMDb

Joe's Tornado


Just finished this stupid comedy about a man who receives a phone call from someone claiming to be his future self.

Remarkably, no butterflies were hurt in the making of this film.